Hot weekend before a chance of rain returns in the forecast

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This weekend will feel similar to last weekend, but the difference will be the humidity. Even with southerly flow through Saturday, the air mass sitting over us is a dry one so temperatures will be hot, but not as humid. Dew point temperatures are expected to stay in the lower to mid 60s through the weekend. A breezy Saturday will have winds gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour. Mostly sunny skies will allow for temperatures to get into the middle and upper 90s for a high.

Skycast Tomorrow

Without the humidity, temperatures will not feel like the dangerous levels of last Saturday. No heat advisories are expected as the heat index will only get up to about 101° through the afternoon’s peak solar heating. In order for a heat advisory to be issued, heat indices have to be 105°+. Overnight lows will stay near the mid 70s, so a pleasant start to the weekend. Sunday’s temperatures are the last time you will see forecast highs in the 90s for now. It is August though, so as we get toward the end of the 10-day forecast the chance for warmer weather will likely be right around the corner.

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A weak cold front will make its way to Lincoln by Sunday evening, eventually providing a chance for rainfall and cooler temperatures. The moisture coupled with the required forcing needed for some showers will likely come together for some rain on Monday as kids look to start school. The high temperatures are normally around 88° for this time of year, so next week’s temperatures will be cooler than average. To get to cooler temperatures and rain in the forecast, we will have to bear a couple more hot days this weekend.


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