Hundreds of LPS students given free coats and winter clothes

Squeals of joy could be heard throughout McPhee Elementary School Saturday morning.

Hundreds of students got to pick out new warm clothes just in time for winter.

“As a principal I see children daily as the weather changes not having warm clothes and really are cold and it’s too cold to go outside Mrs. Halea. I know at my own school I want to make sure they have warm clothing and I know that’s true for all of us as principles throughout the city,” said Pam Halea, principal at Norwood Park Elementary in Northwest Lincoln.

Principal Halea along with principals from across Lincoln Public Schools spent several weeks collecting donations of coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and warm clothes to give away as part of Bubba’s Closet.

It’s an annual program that’s provided free warm winter clothes and coats to low income and immigrant families in the community for over 20 years.

This year several hundred coats were collected and LPS was able to purchase 400 new ones thanks to a grant from Walmart, bringing their yearly coat total to over 600.

“We know kids will be warm and not get sick because they’re able to manage the cold elements outside,” said principal Halea. 

Seeing the kids so excited to pick out their own coats gets principal Halea excited every year, but she says giving parents relief is the best part of the event. 

“I love seeing the relief on parents’ faces because this means that maybe they can pay their electrical bill because they didn’t have to go buy coats, hats, mittens.”

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