Husker Nation Mourns Sam Foltz

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


The spirit that is Husker Nation is quiet.

Mourning and remembering Sam Foltz.

The senior punter killed Saturday night in Wisconsin.

"He was my brother; he is gone, he gone. Like, you can get another punter, but it won’t matter," Kieron Williams, Safety, Said.

Friends, teammates, other athletes and more gathered where it all started, at memorial stadium to honor him.

Faces in their hands, some holding back tears, you can see the pain felt by all. But, it’s an emotion that shows what kind a man Foltz really was.

"He was always the leader. He was always the pep talker. He was leading the drills, and you know, it’s crazy, one of our best leaders on the team, player, was our punter, and that’s just the kind of guy Sam was," Sam Hahn, Offensive Lineman, said.

People who were personally affected my Sam stepped up to share feelings about him.

"He meant the world to us, he really did and I am so sorry for his family," Speaker at Vigil, said.

"There is going to be a hole in our team now people like Foltz don’t come around often,” Speaker at Vigil, said.

Foltz captured the hearts of people on and off the field. Robin is the mother of husker football player Sam Hahn, but says she always saw Sam Foltz as one of her own.

"I used to tell everyone that I love my Sam’s I still love my Sam’s."

On Sunday all of Husker Nation became a team, leaning on others to find support and working together to slowly get better.