‘I felt my house shake’: Southeast Nebraska town cleans up from tornado

After a weekend tornado in Wymore, the Gage County community gathered to clean up debris

WYMORE, Neb. (KLKN) – Wymore resident Kim Marmon says she’s never seen anything quite like Saturday’s tornado.

“[I’ve] lived here probably 21 years,” Marmon said. “First time I felt my house shake.”

Marmon said the storm damaged her roof and broke two windows.

“The sky was just dark, a little bit of wind coming up, started getting a little darker,” she said. “My husband kind of thought it might just go right by us, and I didn’t think so.”

On Monday, Gage County residents got together to pick up the pieces from the storm.

“We’re all down here just trying to pick up some of the main stuff off the streets and help Wymore as best we can,” said Berri Easley, who works in the Beatrice Engineering Department. “There’s a lot of people older, they can’t have no way to access a chainsaw, to get trucks, or to get stuff out of the way so they can go about their lives.”

Marmon said she appreciates seeing so many people help clean up Wymore.

“I think it’s been pretty unreal, just seeing everybody come together,” she said. “You just don’t see it very often.”

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