‘I thought he was dead’: First responders testify at Chauvin trial

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (CNN) — Thursday, testimony shifted from witness accounts to the first responders who attended to George Floyd.

“In lay terms, I thought he was dead.”

That was EMS Derek Smith’s initial assessment of Floyd last May. Smith said in EMS’s opinion, Floyd was beyond help before they arrived.

“When I showed up he was deceased and I dropped him off at the hospital and he was still in cardiac arrest.”

Smith noted that when they arrived, Derek Chauvin was still on top of Floyd.

“At one point I had to tell them to move and get out of the way, they were in my way,” shared Smith.

Another key witness was Chauvin’s former shift supervisor, retired police Sergeant David Pleoger.

Pleoger’s comments focused on proper protocols and training. He said the use of force should stop once the handcuffed individual is no longer resisting. Pleoger said Chauvin did not mention in detiaal the force used against Floyd when he arrived on scene.

“We just had to hold a guy down. He was uh, was uh, going crazy.. wouldn’t go in the back of the squad,” said Chauvin immediately following the incident.

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