Intervent Program, Final Results

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   After 12 weeks in a lifestyle changing program at Bryan LGH Medical centers, we see the final results. And what a great 12 weeks it was. Dave and Marcia were chosen to take part in the Intervent program with me, we all wanted to lose weight and exercise more. And to reach our goals, we met with our mentor, Karen, once a week.

It was time to go from couch potato to a mean lean working machine. We pushed ourselves to lead a better life. We said goodbye to the greasy fatty foods, and actually started looking at and studying what we were putting in our bodies.

Both Dave and Marcia have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both are diabetics. But in just 12 weeks they made some big changes. We had blood tests done before and after taking part in the program.. Here are the amazing results. Dave's total cholesterol went down 52 points. His triglicerides down 86 points. His blood sugar went down 56 points. And he lost 10 pounds..

As for Marcia, before the program, her triglicerides were so high they couldn't even measure her cholesterol. But how times have changed. Her triglicerides have come down 387 points! Her total cholesterol went down a whopping 130 points. Her blood sugar down 53 points, and she lost 13 pounds.

Rod's total cholesterol went down 47 points. Triglicerides down 66 points. Blood sugar, down 3 points. He also lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks.

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