Investigators conclude search in Sydney Loofe case

After two days, investigators left the area where Sydney Loofe’s body was found.

The 21 square miles closed in Clay County, from Highway 41 South to Highway 74, have reopened now that the search has concluded.

Law enforcement had spent the last two days in the area, combing for evidence in the case of Sydney, whose body was found there on Monday.

"To have her found in Clay County and so near to Clay Center, it does impact a small town with all of the officers that were in town yesterday," said Clay Center Mayor L. Wayne Johnson.

Johnson said the town expresses its condolences to Sydney’s family and hopes they’re brought closure.

The FBI said the investigation continues and they’re still accepting information about the case.

No arrests have been made and there are no autopsy results.  Two people of interest in her disappearance are still in custody on unrelated charges and they have not been charged in this case.

In the meantime, friends are grieving the loss of Sydney.

"She’ll be greatly missed," said Angie Horstmann, a friend of the Loofes.  "She was a great person.  We love her so much.  A lot of people do, obviously, in the family."

At this time, everyone is just awaiting new details from law enforcement.

There is an online fundraiser for the family. You can donate at