Is this the future of football? Simulation Huskers spring game suffices for now

The Huskers spring game was played a little differently this year, but fans still showed their support even being away from Memorial Stadium.
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Courtney Sund and her family are from Fremont, and though they would normally take the trip to Lincoln for the spring game, they watched the Huskers simulation from home for the first time ever.

“I was very happy that they did it because we just kind of treated it like watching the football game at home. Went and got Runza, had our cups, filled them up with Pepsi and turned on the game and watched it. I’m very happy that they did something like that for us,” said Courtney Sund, a Huskers fan.

SPOILER ALERT:  “The kids picked red to win, so they were a little upset that the red team didn’t win,” said Sund.

Sund has been a fan since she was 4. She said even her parents joined in watching the simulation game.

“My parents, they brought their TV outside and watched it like they were tailgating. People were trying to make the best of it,” said Sund.

The virtual stands almost could compete with a regular game, but not nearly the size.

“To having almost 16,000 people watching on Facebook, that’s a lot of people watching a simulated football game,” said Sund.

The game even included a special surprise.

“It was very cool that they had Tom Osbourne talk at halftime,” said Sund.

Each team had some Huskers legends, even Scott Frost as the quarterback for one of the teams.

“I think a few of them did the Heisman stance,” said Sund.

However, as die hard huskers fans, they are keeping their fingers crossed that the 2020 season can come back in full swing.

“Watching the games on TV and not in the stands, it would be very heartbreaking, but it would be the best for everybody, I mean that’s what has to be done,” said Sund.


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