Kearney High apologizes for alleged comment toward Lincoln High volleyball team

KEARNEY, Neb. (KLKN) — Top administrators at Kearney High School are apologizing to members of the Lincoln High volleyball for inappropriate comments reportedly made during a match on Tuesday.

Ryan Hogue, the activities director and assistant principle at Kearney High, says he was approached by the Lincoln coach during the match about the behavior of the Kearney students.

“I told the coach that I would make sure this didn’t happen anymore and to continue coaching her team,” Hogue wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Hogue tweeted after the Bearcats’ win on Tuesday, thanking the student section for their show of support for the team.

But there have been several reports that Kearney students used strong and degrading language toward the Lincoln players and staff. Hogue says he regrets not taking action when the coach initially complained.

“While it may be difficult to prove any misconduct occurred with our students today, we do apologize to the Lincoln High volleyball coaching staff and team for any potential misconduct that might have occurred,” Hogue said. “It is our expectation for Kearney High students and fans to set the standard for the enthusiastic support of their team with a respectful demeanor towards our opponents.”

Kearney High Principal Jeff Ganz said this kind of behavior is not appropriate. He said “consequence” will occur for any students found guilty.

Kearney Public Schools Superintendent Jason Mundorf said he has the utmost confidence in Ganz and Hogue to find the students responsible.

But he also said that he attended the match on Tuesday and didn’t hear any comments.

“But (I) acknowledge that our friends from Lincoln had a negative experience with our event,” Mundorf said. “I apologize on behalf of Kearney Public Schools for anything that might have been said or for inappropriate conduct that may have occurred.”

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