Lancaster County hosts 8th largest Quarter Horse Show

The world’s 8th largest horse show is bringing competitors to Lincoln from all over the United States. 

This time of year is the Cornhusker Classic Quarter Horse Show. 

With over 1,000 horses attending this year and about 6 million dollar impact to the city of Lincoln, patrons gathered at the Lancaster County Event center for the 10 day event. 

“It’s tremendously rewarding, the turnout that we have here. We’ve got a great group of people here, really down to earth nice folks, a lot of camaraderie here at the horse show,” Jet Thompson of the Nebraska Quarter Horse Association said. 

The horses are displaying skills in Western riding, roping, saddle events, showmanship and horsemanship. 

The Lancaster County Event Center is being used to it’s full capacity. 

“This facility is literally second to none when you compare it to some of the facilities out there that do really large shows like this one, and this is a large horse show,” Horse Show Announcer, Peter Cannizzaro said. 

The show began on June 13th and will continue through the 18th. Roping will continue through June 23rd.

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