LFR: Saturday burglary alarm turns into a fire call

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Around four o’clock Saturday morning, Lincoln Fire & Rescue (LFR) responded to a report of a fire by the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) at 6955 McCormick Dr. The business was identified as the wholesale auto parts company, Bestorq Inc. Initially, the call was dispatched as a burglary alarm. When LPD arrived, they observed smoke coming from the building and called for LFR.

Officials located the fire deep inside the building within a wood cabinet, identifying it as a two alarm fire. Firefighters attempted to douse the fire with water and stretched 450 feet of hose into the building, but due to the size of the plant, they were still unable to reach the fire.

Thankfully, the sprinkler above the cabinet was activated and kept the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. LFR was able to completely extinguished the fire. Inspector Gross reports the cause of the fire was a motor that ran a machine inside the cabinet. The building did suffer water damage.

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