Lincoln blood bank receives Governor’s recognition amid blood shortage

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- National Blood Donor Month has been celebrated for over 50 years, giving life-saving resources to those in need.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank alongside the Red Cross is asking for donors to step up across Lincoln as the blood shortage nationwide continues.

Governor Jim Pillen endorsed the month and the non-profits are hoping to see an increase in donors after receiving the proclaimation.

N.C.B.B Community Outreach Representative, Kari Lundeen, said it was a pleasure meeting Governor Pillen on his first day signing proclamations.

“He declared the state of Nebraska recognizing January as National Blood Donor Month,” she said.

N.C.B.B. has been avidly working on social media in efforts to rally donors, Lundeen says, their supply constantly goes up and down.

“As of this week, right now, we still need 200 more people to make an appointment to help the blood and keep it stable for our hospitals,” Lundeen said.

Red Cross Representative, Josh Murray, says many don’t answer the call to donate, due to misinformation.

“Just because we’re in good shape one week doesn’t mean we’re going to be fine,” he said. “So we are always waiting to collect…especially this time of year.”

N.C.B.B  says there is only three percent of the population actively donating, leaving that gap to hit local hospitals in Lincoln.

“Having awareness about the need for blood donation is one the most important things, the number one reason that somebody hasn’t donated blood before is that they were never asked,” she said.

Lundeen says when the community sees things like the proclamation signing, their hope it encourages donating.

“All of that is us is asking you to come and donate blood, so if you’ve never donated blood before, this is a perfect time.”

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