Lincoln e-scooters back after winter pause; city officials ask riders to be cautious

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With warmer weather around the corner, electric scooters have returned in Lincoln.

The company Lime on Wednesday deployed 250 electric scooters around Lincoln after a pause during the winter. 

Last fall, the city launched its permanent scooter program after they tested it out in a pilot program.

“In those 16 months that we had the pilot, we had over 91,000 trips taken by 25,000 unique users,” said Roberto Partida, a planner with Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

The scooter program is part of the city’s plan to have a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation system across Lincoln. 

With scooters back, city officials are reminding riders to follow the rules.

“You have to be 18 years or older to ride on an e-scooter,” Partida said. “The second thing, no double riding, one person per scooter.” 

Partida said a scooter is considered a motorized vehicle so riders should follow all traffic rules and regulations.

“These are considered a motorized vehicle, so you could in theory, you know, be charged with a DUI,” Partida said.

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