Lincoln family needs help finding body of kitten hit by car

A Lincoln family is asking for help finding the body of their 6-month-old kitten that was killed after being hit by a car. 

A family friend was at home with the kitten, named Benny, when he escaped out the back door. 

The friend chased after Benny, but by the time she caught up to him he had been hit and killed by a passing car. 

Benny’s owners say an elderly couple in a silver Honda Pilot stopped by the home, which is near 33rd and D Street, and tried to console the friend. 

The couple offered to take Benny’s body so that the family wouldn’t see it and be upset. 

The friend agreed, but didn’t take down the couple’s information. 

Benny’s owners are trying to find the couple to see if they still have the kitten’s body so it can be cremated. 

The family says they’re grateful for what the couple did and are not upset with them in any way. 

Anyone with information about the couple is asked to call Kimberly, Benny’s owner, at 402-310-5909. 


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