Lincoln Mall a target for vandals, over 60,000 dollars in damages reported

Three days of protests, some peaceful, a few violent, lead to multiple incidents of vandalism. Here’s the breakdown.

Johnson, Flodman, Guenzel, & Widger – Attorney’s at Law

Found near Lincoln Mall and S. 13th, the building was left with broken windows and some graffiti.

Initial Damages: $500


Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Found near Lincoln Mall and S. 12th, both windows and doors were broken into. There was an attempt to start fires inside, but the individual(s) was unsuccessful.

Initial Damages: $20,000


Bowman & Krieger – Law Office / Edward Jones – Financial Advisor

Located near Lincoln Mall and S. 11th, multiple windows were broken and graffiti can be seen on the outside of the building.

Initial Damages: $10,000


1 Landmark Centre

On Lincoln Mall, between S. 11th and S. 10th streets, both the building’s exterior, and interior, have been vandalized.

Initial Damages: $30,000

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