Lincoln man convicted of sex trafficking of teenage girls

Police cruiser

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A 33-year-old Lincoln man has been found guilty of taking two teenage girls to Colorado and Iowa to have sex for money.

Devin Ashford was convicted Wednesday of sex trafficking of a minor, producing child pornography and several other charges. When he is sentenced in November, he will face minimum sentences of 15 years on three charges and a possible life sentence on one charge.

Federal prosecutors say Ashford used social media to recruit young women to engage in prostitution and work for him.

Prosecutors said Ashford recruited minors to engage in commercial sex acts so that he could get the financial proceeds. The evidence at trial showed that at least three of the minors had either run away from home or were in the foster care system when Ashford targeted them.

Authorities also found sexually explicit photos of two different 17-year-old girls as part of their investigation.

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