Lincoln non-profit holds fundraiser to aid fight against sex trafficking

A Lincoln non-profit is helping to fight against sex trafficking in the state.

“This issue is right here in Lincoln. It’s a national issue but it’s in our own backyard as well,” said Matt Reiling, co-founder, Generous Connections.

Friday’s event was put on by the group, I’ve Got a Name.

It’s an organization dedicated to putting an end to sex trafficking.

Generous Connections partnered with I’ve Got a Name to hold their second annual golf tournament at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course in Lincoln.

“100% of what we do today is going to them to help them support whatever they need to make sure they have the resources in place to fight this,” said Reiling.

Last year, $4,000 dollars was raised.

This year Reiling is confident they will write an even bigger check.

If you’d like to learn more about the organizations, visit and

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