Lincoln officials debate prosecuting abortion if banned in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Local prosecutors will determine how laws are enforced as abortion bans go into effect across the United States.

A document released on June 24 highlighted over 60 district attorneys representing 25 of the nation’s most populous counties vowing not to prosecute abortion cases.

Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon and State Sen. Adam Morfeld, who is running for Condon’s job in November, weighed in on the highly debated topic.

Morfeld made his stance clear and concise, saying reproductive rights are up to women.

“One of the reasons why I’m so adamant about making sure that women and doctors can make their reproductive decisions between themselves without government interference,” he said.

Anti-abortion organizations like Nebraska Family Alliance also weighed in on the matter, saying they support protecting life at all costs.

“We’re encouraging our lawmakers to take the next step to fully protect life and empower women because we know that women and children deserve better than abortion.”

Morfeld said women’s rights are their own.

“If I’m elected Lancaster County attorney, my office will not criminally investigate or prosecute doctors and their women for reproductive health care decisions that they make,” he said.

In a response to the document released, Condon said, “I do not believe it will affect the manner in which I fulfill the role as the County Attorney.”

“I can’t speak for the motivation of those who signed the letter, but I believe it would be improper for me to pre-determine the decision on any criminal investigation that may be presented to me under the laws in effect at the time such investigation is presented,” Condon said.

The future of abortion in Nebraska may be determined by a special legislative session, if Gov. Pete Ricketts calls one.

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