Lincoln police warn to be on the lookout for porch thieves following Amazon Prime Day

Thousands of people in Nebraska are waiting to receive packages from Amazon Prime Day.

It’s an annual event offering discounts on everything from electronics to clothing.

With the increase in deliveries expected, Lincoln Police wants you to be aware.

There are criminals waiting to pounce.

“We just want to remind people about porch pirates. They are going to be targeted those packages left unattended on porches. It’s the same type of thieves that are targeting vehicles with valuables left in plain sight, they are going to be looking for packages left unattended on porches,” said LPD Officer Angela Sands.

During the 2018 Prime Day delivery period, a neighborhood social network called “Nextdoor” reported an 85 percent increase in comments and posts about package thefts compared to the days leading up to the event.

“After a long day at work, and you’re coming home to your amazon package that you ordered and got a great deal on, the last thing you want to do is come home and find that the underwear you ordered had been stolen,” said Sands.

LPD says these types of crimes are happening more frequently, as people continue to buy more from online retailers.

“This is a fairly common crime that we’re seeing because of the increase in online shopping. People are turning to online shopping, and they’re more comfortable with it. With the growth of online shopping, this is a more common crime that we’re having to deal with,” said Sands.

Social networking apps for neighborhoods are a good way to keep in touch with crime activity in your area.

Another good idea is to get alerts on your phone when a package arrives, and to have someone pick it up for you if you’re unable.

The longer it stays on your porch, the higher the odds are you could be targeted.

“Just don’t leave it unattended, sitting there all day, because there is a good chance it could get stolen,” said Sands.

Another way you can protect your package is to install a front door security camera, or get a doorbell monitor.

They help to deter criminals from targeting your home.

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