Lincoln-raised violinist talks community, BLM, and playing for Beyoncé

A violinist talks growing up in the Capital City and the experience of a lifetime, as she got to play the violin for one of the world's most popular artists, Beyoncé.

(LINCOLN, Neb.) – A violinist talks growing up in the Capital City and the experience of a lifetime, as she got to play the violin for one of the world’s most popular artists, Beyoncé.
Ezinma says she is a true Lincolnite, attending LPS schools and UNL. She remembers the community in Nebraska.
The quality of life is so high and so beautiful,” said Ezinma. “Walk into a store and people say ‘Hey, how are you?’ Like you don’t get that in every city.”

Ezinma said she never forgets her roots, which are right here in Nebraska.
Now, as a trained violinist, Ezinma merges classical music with hip hop and has gone viral on multiple platforms.
“I really want to fuse worlds,” says Ezinma. “I want to take the most ratchet song I can find and make it very classical,” said Ezinma. “What inspired me was just going back to my mixed background taking opposite things and bringing them together its just literally my DNA and I wanted to take that with music and take these opposite worlds and bring them together just because I’ve never heard anything like it.”
When asked about the Black Lives Matter movements, she says she has seen both sides as her mother is White and her father, Black. She adds it will take time and honest discussions to heal the wounds of this country.
“It’s an issue that’s going to take a lot of time a lot of healing a lot of discussions and a lot of openness and being really honest with your friends,” said Ezinma.
The artist is working on songs of her own right now. She’s played the violin since she was a toddler and got to go on tour with Beyoncé. It was a call from one of Beyoncé’s team members that she’ll never forget.
“He directed all of her tours like he’s the guy, and I said is this Beyoncé?,” added Ezinma. “He’s like I can’t tell you, but will you play with us? And that was the beginning. I played with her for three years, and it was so inspiring to play with an all-female band. It was incredible and then after Coachella, I decided, you know, to I want to work on some of my stuff, but it’s just one of the most inspiring experiences of my professional career.”
Her advice to young Lincolnites.
“Find your passion find whatever it is that makes you so happy and whatever moves you whatever you love,” said Ezinma. “Whether its football or dance or studying or music just do it just give in to it because trust me when your a kid and you give in that time, it really pays off.”
Her new single, Beethoven Pleads the Fifth, releases soon, Aug. 28.

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