Lincoln woman gives back one quilt at a time

Cindy Donaé has dedicated thousands of hours creating hand stitched quilts for not just herself but for anyone who needs warmth in their life.

“I mean the neighbors all have them, my friends have them, my doctors all have them, all their nurses have them. They just go to everybody,” Donaé said.

Cindy, who’s retired, just completed her 1,100 quilt.

It now hangs right by her front door on display for everyone to see.

She has donated hundreds of quilts to organizations such as Santa Cop, her local fire station and children in the burn unit.

Her most recent piece is going to a teenager at the Madonna Pediatric Unit.

“Right now I’m making one for an 18-year-old boy so its a little more grown up. I think about the person while I’m making it,” Donaé said.

Being hand stitched makes the quilts worth up to $300.

One of them even sold for $7,900 at an auction for charity.

What inspired her to start such a time consuming hobby?

“My daughter just out of the blue asked me to make one for her 21st birthday and I said ‘I don’t know how to make a quilt’ and she says ‘Just figure it out,” Donaé said.

She now calls quilting her addiction, spending all day every day sewing thousands of tiny little stitches just to see the joy that they bring.

“Having it be hand quilted makes it heirloom quality and so it’s just something that’s a little bit more special,” Donaé said.

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