Lincoln woman steals cellphone, gives twin sister’s name during arrest, LPD says

Karisma Tomlin threatened a man with a knife saying, 'What are you going to do about it?' after stealing his phone
Karisma Tomlin Mugshot

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Lincoln woman pulled a knife on a man after asking to borrow his phone, Lincoln police say.  During her arrest moments later, she provided officers with her twin sister’s name.

On Sunday, Karisma Tomlin, 31, approached a group near 10th and G Streets and asked a man if she could borrow his cellphone, police say.

After the man gave her his phone, Tomlin began walking away with it and the man followed.

Tomlin asked the man what he was going to do about it while pulling out a boxcutter-style knife, police say.

Shortly after the incident, police arrested Tomlin near 9th and G Streets.  During her arrest, Tomlin provided officers with her twin sister’s name which was not discovered until later in the day.

Police found the knife in her possession and recovered the stolen cellphone which was valued at $400

Tomlin was arrested on suspicion of robbery and criminal impersonation.

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