Lincoln’s Nebraska Book Company announces massive expansion

Posted By: Alden German

There’s a good chance your college textbook came from Lincoln. Now, even more textbooks will be stopping in the capital city before heading to bookshelves across North America.

Thursday the Nebraska Book Company announced a 50,000 square foot expansion to their 100,000 square foot facility. The expansion is expected to add up to 150 jobs and potentially triple the size of the business.

A staple in Lincoln for over 100 years, the book company specializes in higher education. The expansion marks a major accomplishment for their future after what has been a rocky past.

“Nebraska Book Company has gone through some hard times. This just basically gives us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and grow our business to be profitable once again,” said Jay Amond, President and CEO of Nebraska Book Company.

Those hard times include chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this decade, but now, the company is stronger than ever. Currently, their warehouse processes about three million new and used books per year. After the new facility opens in April 2019, they expect to be able to process nearly six million books annually.

Nebraska Book Company is a massive international organization supplying textbooks to 700 universities and 2,000 college retailers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“Not only are we the second largest textbook supplier in the United States, our sister company Prism RBS is the largest software provider to college retail,” said Peter Grenier of Nebraska Book Company.

They also own several sister companies that are major players in higher education. Textbooks are a major expense for students, but the goal of Nebraska Book Company is to try to ease the cost to students.

“That is one of our core missions; to drive the cost to the student down,” said Grenier.

Students probably won’t complain about that.

The company is currently in their busiest six–week stretch of the year as they start sending out textbooks for the new semester coming up.

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