Local experts give tips to deal with stress during the coronavirus changes

Bryan Health and UNMC's top experts shared new strategies to help you cope with the new changes while dealing with the coronavirus.
Local Experts Give Tips To Deal With Stress During The Coronavirus Changes

Bryan Health and UNMC’s top experts shared new strategies to help you cope with the new changes while dealing with the coronavirus.

“It’s a time where you need to be an advocate for yourself to make sure your needs are being met,” said Lauren Edwards, M.D for UNMC.
Dr. Edwards says to have feelings of being upset or overwhelmed is normal.

“You might experience a lot of different kinds of emotions with this and as we’ve been talking about anxiety it is very normal here,” says Edwards. “Even some feelings of anger about the risk of exposure or what may have happened.”

Bryan Health has seven steps adults should take. Two practicing are self-with calm breathing and starting a journal.

“You can write things down and when you’re talking and practicing that positive thinking in your mind, there’s a lot of negative thoughts, a lot of things that are happening in the world right now,” says Dr. Dave Meirs, for Bryan Health. “It’s important that we stay positive.”

The other Bryan Health tips are to remain active, do fun activities, use social media as a communication tool, and limit how much information you take in of the COVID–19 every day.

“It is important to stay informed,” says Miers. “So listening to the press conference through information to find out what is happening what is important but don’t get overindulged with too much information.”

For children, Dr. Miers says parents should share facts with them and assure them that they are safe, keep a structure, and limit media exposure.
Both doctors agree that people should stay connected while still practicing social distancing.

“One important way that we manage our stress levels as humans, we’re hardwired for connection and so being creative about that like doing video chats and talking with people through social media,” adds Edwards.

“Talk to somebody you can trust,” says Miers. “So, if it’s a close friend, a family member, and process the feelings that you’re going through.”

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