Local experts weigh in on outcome of first Presidential debate

Many argued that the debate was a mess and more so an argument than a debate.

Tuesday nights Presidential debate was filled with a lot of interruptions. While moderator Chris Wallace did his best to get a handle on the situation, it certainly didn’t go as planned.

It left many viewers questioning, what went wrong? Well, for starters, debate experts say that President Trumps strategy of flooding the zone, was over done.

“Stylistically, I think President Trump went overboard on his method of debating. He got criticized a lot by the moderator and the general sense was that he was responsible for the debate being derogated,” UNL Debate Director, Dr. Aaron Duncan said.

Duncan said the strategy did work at times, causing Joe Biden to get flustered. Ultimately, Biden may have been the more disciplined debater when it came to his strategy of directly addressing the American people.

Both Duncan and Dr. Justin Kirk agreed, rules need to be adjusted for the debate to run smoother next time.

A common suggestion being to mute the mics when someone isn’t speaking, ultimately it could be done but under certain circumstances.

“Rather than put it in the hands of the moderator to make subjective judgement, you create clear time constraints and its put on some sort of timer. So, at the end of two minutes, Joe Biden is cut off, then at the end of Trumps, its cut off,” Dr. Duncan said.

Taking the power to mute away from the moderator eliminates any sort of potential bias and allows both sides to share their policies.

On top of that, establishing stricter time constraints and eliminating an open dialogue could help as well.

“If they get the candidates to agree to new rules and there is no open discussion sections. You have a two min period where you can talk, the other person doesn’t speak and you have a 30 to 60 second period where you respond and the other person doesn’t speak”

The Commission on Presidential debates is already working on making adjustments for the next debate, which is in Miami on October 15th. Though, that one will be a town hall setting, so it will already be different.

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