Local record store reflects on vinyls’ growing popularity

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) —Whether it comes from age-old nostalgia or running with new trends, for the first time since the 80s vinyl records have outsold CDs.

The data comes from The Recording Industry Association of America which found records had around $8 million more in sales in the past year.

Stores like Lincoln Vintage Vinyl have seen similar trends in both purchases and a growing consumer base.

Co-owner Craig Bartels said it’s been incredible to watch vinyl records come back into popularity.

“It’s amazing, every year we have been in business we’ve increased in both inventory and sales,” he said.

Bartels said he’s seen customers of varying ages stop by the store. From teenagers looking for the latest album to members of Generation X that want to hear bands like AC/DC on the turntables they remember.

“I’d say about half of the customers that come in here are under 30,” Bartels said. “We get a lot of teenagers in here buying records with their parents.”

The growing interest is something that allows the different generations to connect through a shared love of music.

Lincoln Vintage Vinyl offers new and used records and equipment. The store will buy old or unwanted records with a variety of other media for sale.

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