LPD: Man has “bad day”, throws metal rod at cars

Many enjoy fishing, but one Lincoln man took the sport to a whole new level--trading in a fishing rod for something more lethal

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- On March 6, Lincoln police received a strange disturbance report of a man wielding a metal bar by the side of the road–with menace.

Police say that at 6:32 p.m., they found 41-year-old Andrew Marr with a metal bar with a rope tied to it standing on the side of the road near Cornhusker highway and State Fair Park Drive.

According to the victims, Marr was throwing the bar at passing cars and then reeling it in.

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Marr’s odd fishing technique lead to the damage of several vehicles, causing $300 in damages to a Nissan Rogue and $800 in damages to a Chevy Traverse, police say.

Marr told officers that he was having a “bad day”. He also claims he managed to damage 10 vehicles in total, but police have only identified two victims.

While they were with Marr, LPD also took a report from Super Saver about another incident with Marr.

The Super Saver store manager told police that Marr had pushed over an electronic article surveillance tower, causing $4,000 in damages.

As officers approached Marr, they say he spit on one of them. Police then cited and lodged him for Criminal Mischief and Assault on an Officer with Bodily Fluid.

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