LPD warning parents about ‘toy’ guns that can be easily mistaken for the real thing

Our area has reportedly seen a 259% spike in cases involving look-alike firearms
Courtesy: Lincoln Police Department

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lincoln Police Department sent a warning to parents Tuesday morning about “toy” guns.

That includes splat guns, airsoft guns and pellet guns that can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Police say they’ve seen a 259% in cases involving these look-alike firearms compared to recent data.

We’re told young people even fired their splat guns at people who had no idea what was going on in one of these latest cases.

LPD said that the injuries were minor but that it’s caused significant fear in our community.

Police stress that it can be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, to see that a kid’s gun is only a toy when people believe they’re in danger.

Making matters worse, police say some kids even remove parts meant to show that these guns aren’t real, or paint over them.

Given what’s at stake, Lincoln Police are now asking parents to not give their children any look-alikes.

Besides putting them and the community in danger, most also violate the city ordinance on toy guns that shoot projectiles.

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