LPD: Woman put up a ‘very violent struggle’ upon arrest

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Saturday morning, just before nine o’clock, Lincoln Police were called to the 7300 block of Jacob’s Creek Dr. on a domestic disturbance.
They found a 23-year-old man who claimed he was trying to leave his girlfriends home following an argument, but she wouldn’t let him leave. His girlfriend had stood between him and his vehicle before grabbing him, causing him to fall to the ground, sustaining visible, minor injuries. Witnesses confirmed the mans account of what happened, and that she had also assaulted him.
The woman was identified as Nyagoa Wankok, a 23-year-old woman. She tried to walk away from officers as they advised her she was being arrested. As police tried to place her in handcuffs, Wankok tucked her arms, pulled away, and began kicking them. Wankok wrapped her legs around an officer preventing him from moving. She continued to do this to avoid being  placed into the police cruiser.
Wankok kicked another officer in the chest, grabbed another’s duty belt, and bit yet another officer in the wrist, leaving teeth marks. Pepper spray was deployed, but she continued to struggle. During this, she kicked an officer’s thumb, causing an injury that required medical attention and has now placed him on leave.
Wankok was taken to the hospital before she was taken to jail. She was arrested for two counts of assault on a police officer and one count of domestic assault.
Police described it as a “very violent struggle”.

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