LPS expands on the district’s new COVID-19 protocol

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Earlier this week, the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education announced there will not be a mask mandate in place next fall.

Superintendent Paul Gausman spoke more about the COVID protocols for the upcoming school year on Friday.

“I wouldn’t rule anything at this point of time,” Gausman said.

If a new COVID-19 strain challenges the county again, the superintendent says school officials will make decisions after consulting with the help of the health department.

The district’s number one priority is to keep schools open and students safe, Gausman said.

“We know that masking works,” Gausman said. “I’m not arguing that it doesn’t. But we’ve got other strategies that people can and, in many cases, should put in place like such as the vaccine that’s available.”

LPS does not track who’s been vaccinated.

The district is working to have the new COVID-19 protocol information available in different languages spoken by many kids and parents in the district.

Gausman made it clear that they are not stopping anyone from wearing a mask if they want to do so.

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