LPS: In over two decades, school enrollment is down

Group Of Children With Face Mask Back At School After Covid 19 Quarantine And Lockdown.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Today, Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) said enrollment has been on the decline for the time in decades due to coronavirus.

LPS reports, as of Oct. 1st, enrollment is at 735 fewer students compared to the previous school year. Their total attendance is 41,562, counting both in-person and remote students.

Although total attendance is still higher than it was five and ten years ago, this is the first downturn the education institution has seen in 21 years.

“We anticipated there would be an enrollment decline due to the pandemic,” said Matt Larson, associate superintendent for Instruction. “With so many unknowns, we understand families’ decisions to hold their kindergarten students one more year, and for some families making the difficult decision to homeschool their child.”

This year’s kindergarten class is about 200 students below the projected number. Homeschool applications are also on the rise, the highest coming from elementary.

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