Magic Moments: The Callins Family

By: Nikki Davison

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — This is part of an ongoing partnership between KLKN-TV Channel 8 and Union Bank and Trust showcasing Magic Moments in December of 2020.

Do you know much about Autism and related disorders? Elizabeth Callins does, as three of her brood are persons on the Autism spectrum: her sons Zach, 18, and Josh, 16, as well as her grandson, Mycha, who’s 7. Elizabeth has immersed herself in learning about Autism and its related issues, such as immune disorders. That’s why Elizabeth found the pandemic to be particularly alarming. She’s always been a seamstress — making blankets for folks in need was a specialty. So, she wasted no time when face coverings were unavailable, whipping up masks for those who were immunosuppressed and facing various health issues.

Elizabeth sent 300 of her homemade masks to the MedExpress Urgent Care Clinic where Britaini Maisu works to ensure that the staff and patient were protected. Because the holidays are a time of giving, Britaini nominated Elizabeth for a Magic Moment in recognition of Elizabeth’s endless giving and laser focus on others’ well-being. UBT thinks it’s time she’s on the receiving end of some of that TLC!

It’s a wonderful life

Widowed when her children were quite young, Elizabeth set out to make a wonderful life for them, building community with those in her church and others in similar situations, often becoming a resource and source of support. Caring for two sons with multiple health and developmental issues was a job, but daughter Danielle was a big help, and still is: She’s a teacher who regularly pitches in to take some of the stress off her mom. Little Mycha and Grandma have quite a bond; Elizabeth is thankful to have them with her, and she gets great joy out of helping others.

Safe and healthy

Elizabeth’s holiday wish is that her family is safe and healthy. While that’s UBT’s wish for them, as well, we also think this endearing family is deserving of even more holiday magic. The family loves TV time together, so the Magic Moments team presented them with a new smart TV to replace their broken model. Thanks to generous donations from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the Lincoln Children’s Museum, the family will also enjoy a year of fun with memberships to both establishments.

Mom Elizabeth now has a rolling basket for her sewing, as well as a toasty new winter coat, an Instant Pot, and some relaxing and decadent bath items. Zach’s pile of gifts include a deluxe jewelry making kit, reading material, and thanks to our partnership with Scheel’s, he’s sporting new shoes and sweats. Josh also received sweats, in addition to a Minecraft deluxe edition game, books, and Xbox gift cards.

Danielle received school and crafting supplies, complete with glue sticks and googly eyes, a sentence structure game, and a beautiful shawl. Little Mycha got new sweats, a Ben 10 watch, Bakugan Battle gear and dragon, and some super-cool Beyblade toys.

Elizabeth, may all the love you show to others come back to you tenfold. Have a healthy and happy holiday, Callins Family!

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