Magic Moments: The Murphy Family

Meet the Murphy family, the first 2020 Magic Moments recipients.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — “I believe that a smile can make someone’s day, and if everyone tried a little harder to give grace to those around them, the world would be better.”

This is Sydnie Murphy’s motto, and part of the reason why she was nominated for Union Bank & Trust’s (UBT) Magic Moments.

Growing up, Sydnie spent several years in the foster care system, often separated from her siblings.

Despite a challenging upbringing, Sydnie remains optimistic. UBT says “the spirited single mom emanates grace” and is often described as “a ray of sunshine.”

Sydnie has a four-year-old son named Oscar and considers being a mom her greatest accomplishment.

She is a UNL student and dreams of opening a nonprofit for children who have aged out of the foster care system, focused on teaching life skills.

Her supervisor says she is selfless and hardworking, using part of her paychecks to pay for Oscar’s preschool so he can have a leg up in kindergarten.

For UBT’s Magic Moments, the Murphy family will get a Makit Takit craft box plus a $50 gift card to Makit Takit Studio’s splatter room to create some artful memories. Sydnie and Oscar will also receive matching PJs.

Oscar will be set with some new clothes, shoes, preschool workbooks, a deluxe bath box with a Spider-Man robe, and a Hot Wheels Mario Kart circuit track.

Sydnie will receive new cookware, a water flosser, and an Apple charger. But, that’s not all!

In November of 2019, Sydnie hit a deer while driving and has yet to get her car fixed. Eustis Body Shop partnered with Magic Moments to offer Sydnie a $500 gift certificate for car repairs.

Stay tuned for the next Magic Moment on Monday, Dec. 7.

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