Magic Moments: Immigrant family in Lincoln overwhelmed by generosity

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Roland Madadjim, wife Cheryl and their two daughters walked into the auditorium at UNL’s student union Wednesday speechless over the number of gifts in front of them.

The family is from Chad.  Roland moved here to go to UNL, but when he was finishing up his master’s degree, the president of Chad was assassinated.

So Roland rushed back to Africa to bring his wife and kids to Lincoln.

They found a two-bedroom apartment but had little money to furnish it.

Thanks to community support, they got most of what they needed but were still missing some key items.

Most notably, they didn’t have enough beds for everyone or a couch.

But thanks to Union Bank & Trust, the family is receiving a bed and couch from 7 Day Furniture.

The family also received much-needed winter clothing, kitchen appliances and gift cards to places around Lincoln through UBT’s Magic Moments experience.

Roland was humbled by the graciousness of the community.

“I don’t deserve it. You know, I don’t deserve it. What have I done to deserve it?” he said. “To all the people that contributed to this, I can’t thank them enough.”

He sees this as a lesson to give back and pay it forward.

“Helping others with the little you may have, keep sharing around you, and this is how the blessing keeps coming,” Roland said. “So we’re so grateful that this is happening to us.”

He said he one day hopes to return the favor and give some other family a moment like he and his family had.

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