Magic Moments: The Switzer family

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Switzer family is the next Magic Moments recipient.  Stewart and Betsy Switzer along wither their five children have had many hurdles, especially with five year-old Benson.

From and early age Benson had numerous health issues.  Most notably he had some hearing loss and a speech delay.  Back in May of 2021 he was also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Benson started speech and occupational therapy in August, and while his communication skills are slowly improving he can’t speak in sentences, but he can say several words and communicate via his tablet.

Jennifer Powell, Betsy’s mother, said she nominated the Switzer’s on a day when Benson was having a rough day.  There was a list of items Benson’s occupational therapist said Benson needed.  She said when she told Betsy about it all, she could tell her daughter was getting overwhelmed by it all.  She found the email from Union Bank about how to apply, she did and the family couldn’t be more grateful.

Betsy had a hard time putting everything into words.  She said she’ feeling, “overwhelmed, but grateful… we chose to have children knowing full well that one could get sick, something could be wrong… I feel very undeserving, but grateful.  He deserves… all five of them deserves it.”

Some of the gifts the family got were season tickets to the Lincoln Zoo, a year’s membership to the Lincoln Children Museum, and a sundae experience at Hollywood Candy in Omaha.

Benson got the items his occupational therapist said he needed as well as kinetic sand, puzzles, and sticker books.  His favorite toy…? “Hot dog!” it’s got to be the speaking/singing Mickey Mouse.

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