Magic Moments: The Werth Family

By: Nikki Davison

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — This is part of an ongoing partnership between KLKN-TV Channel 8 and Union Bank and Trust showcasing Magic Moments in December of 2020.

Kayla and Codi Werth are a memorable young pair: generous to those they meet, devoted to each other, and loving to their girls — spunky Haylee, who’s 5, and sweet little 2-year-old Nora. It’s amazing to the couple how quickly life can change. In what seemed like an instant, they went from parents of healthy kiddos to the scared mom and dad of a child with cancer. In October, Haylee was taken to the emergency room for pain in her hips and legs, and they were quickly referred to Children’s Hospital for further testing. The next day, a bone marrow biopsy was performed, and devastating news followed: Haylee had leukemia — Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL, to be specific. So, with strength and grace, they began to move ahead. The Werth’s nominators felt the family needed some joy and normalcy this season. UBT couldn’t agree more.

Showing the world what she’s made of

From the time they started their roller coaster ride (with barely time to strap in), the Werth family has faced the future with a powerful bond and positive outlook. Kayla and Codi offer compassion and support to others in similar situations, Nora is an adorable distraction, and spirited Haylee, fondly called Goose, is showing the world what she’s made of. Her humor and antics keep her medical team entertained — actually, she keeps everybody entertained.

The family has already experienced some magic in the form of some important news: Haylee is officially in remission! That means she is responding well to the treatments, and while the battle’s not over, it looks like they may be winning the fight. (We’re sure Haylee’s pluck and sass helped.) And UBT is thankful for the opportunity to give the family some more holiday cheer in honor of the love they show each other and everyone they meet.

Life is for living

The family loves to spend time outside, grilling and just being together. It doesn’t much matter what they’re doing — time is precious, and life is for living.

UBT arranged to show the Werths some holiday love with the help of our amazing partners. Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum each donated memberships for a year of family fun, and Super C chipped in gift cards to help offset gas costs. A Nebraska state park pass will provide exploration opportunities and give them a place to use their new sleds. A big crafting box from Mākit Tākit and a color-yourself playhouse will provide countless hours of indoor entertainment, while prepped

meals from Nourish & Thrive by Olivia Borer and a meat package donated by Del Gould Meats has the fam all set in the meal department and prepped for grilling.

Codi is set for the outdoors with rugged boots, golf balls, pellets for his grill, and a new cooler. Kayla has a new crockpot, a jewelry armoire, cozy fleece sweaters, and all she needs for an at-home spa day. An electric scooter and helmet, indoor trampoline, and new shoes were in Haylee’s pile, while Nora received a trainer potty, pull-ups, shoes, and a new coat.

We’re wishing the Werth family the season’s very best, and for continued health for Haylee. (Stay feisty, Haylee!) Happy holidays, Werth family! Friends of the Werths have set up a GoFundMe campaign for the family to help with medical expenses, if you’d like to help.

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