UPDATE: Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

KIEV, Ukraine _  A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 295 people aboard went down in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border, officials said. The plane, Flight MH17, was headed to Kuala Lampur from Amersterdam with 280 passengers and 15 crew members on board. The airline said it’s last known position was over Ukraine airspace.  

Everyone on board is believed to be dead. It is not known if there were any Americans on the plane.

According to the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces, the plane was “shot down” over Ukraine airspace by a Russian Bulk missile system.

The plane was flying at altitude of 10,000 meter (33,000 feet) when it lost contact. 

It’s unclear where the missile was fired from or who is responsible. Tensions between Ukraine, Pro-Russian rebels and Kremlin have been escalating. 

A statement from the Foreign Ministry in Kiev says, “the plane was shot down by, because the Russian air defense systems was affording protection to Russian mercenaries and terrorists in this area. Ukraine will present the evidence of Russian military involvement into the Boeing crash.”

President Obama spoke today saying the U.S. will help with the crash investigation. 

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