Man Shot

Lincoln police are trying to piece together a shooting in northwest Lincoln.   

They say two men started pounding on the door of a home in Gaslight Village just before midnight Monday night. 

Police say when the victim wouldn't let the suspects into his home, one of them fired a shotgun.

The slug went thru the door, striking 36-year-old Kevin Golden in the arm.   

Police say they're looking at Golden's criminal history for clues as to who the suspects might be.

According to police he has had some contact with the Lincoln Police Department.

They are looking into some follow-up on that end of it, to see whether those recent contacts had anything to do with this assault.

They say Golden served time a few years ago for manufacturing meth, and recently was arrested for assaulting a man, who he said owed him money.

His injuries are serious, but not life threatening.