Medical marijuana blocked, Gambling on the ballot

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Today, the Nebraska Supreme Court met to discuss whether or not two controversial initiatives, medical marijuana and gambling, will be on the Nebraska ballot.

It was decided that the medical marijuana initiative will be blocked from the Nebraska November ballot.  But, gambling will be.

According to court documents, it was founded that the gambling initiative does not violate the single subject rule, because “although games of chance are to be located within a racetrack enclosure, the entity who operates such enclosure will not necessarily be the operator of games of chance.

As for medical marijuana, court documents state that subsections in the Nebraska Medical Cannabis Constitutional Amendment (NMCCA) “would enshrine a right and immunity for entities to grow and sell cannabis; and… it would regulate the role of cannabis in at least six areas of public life.” Since these concepts are not necessarily connected to the NMCCA’s main purpose, legalizing medical marijuana, the court blocked the bill because voters must first clearly decide whether to approve this initiative “unencumbered by other subjects.”

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