Mini-quarantine recommended ahead of holiday parties as Nebraska ER visits soar

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Medical experts with CHI Health will be discussing how to avoid getting seriously sick during holiday gatherings Tuesday, as the “tripledemic” rages on nationwide.

Lancaster County is continuing to report hundreds of new COVID-19 cases every week, flu season is ramping up, and RSV emergency room visits across Nebraska just hit heights we haven’t seen in at least three years.

Now some experts are recommending a mini-quarantine before visiting loved ones and friends this holiday season.

While speaking with the New York Times, they suggested limiting interactions with others for about before getting together for celebrations.

That includes choosing to work from home, if you’re able, and meeting friends outdoors, where transmission is less likely.

Go grocery shopping at the least-crowded time or have groceries delivered to your home.  Also, stay away from crowded bars and restaurants during this one-week stretch.

Experts admit that a mini-quarantine won’t completely protect you, but it will at least provide enough time for symptoms to appear.

From there, you can make the decision to skip parties if necessary so you’re not showing up and getting everyone else sick.

The latest data from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services show that there were 377 emergency room visits due to RSV in just a single week.

That’s more than 100 additional visits than we saw when RSV peaked in 2021, and there’s nothing to suggest 2022 is slowing down.

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