Multiple quick-change scams reported by Lincoln businesses over the weekend

Lincoln police reports that four quick-change scams took place at various Lincoln businesses over the weekend.

In each instance, the suspects confused and pressured the clerk until they were able to leave with more money than they used to pay.

Edgewood Movie Theater suffered a loss of $150, Walmart at 8700 Andermatt Drive suffered a loss of $350, Super Saver at 2525 Pine Lake Road suffered a loss of $100 and Fast Mart on North 27th Street suffered a loss of $78.

The Lincoln Police Department encourages employers to remind their cashiers to call their supervisors if they’re confused or feel uncomfortable in cash handling situation.

Police said it’s always best to slow the transaction down and have another employee double count than to be scammed.

Officers are working with the businesses to obtain video surveillance and have it processed by the forensic ID unit to be placed on Crimestoppers.

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