NE FB Post Practice 10.9.17

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Huskers Focused on Run Game in Preparation for Ohio State

Lincoln, Neb. — The Nebraska football team practiced for an hour and 20 minutes with helmets and shoulder pads on Monday evening. The Huskers split time between the Hawks

Championship Center and the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields.

Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf met with the media about what the offense was lacking last weekend against Wisconsin and what they hope to bring to the table in this Saturday’s matchup against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

“We talked about it a lot today, about really being kind of a feast or famine run,” Langsdorf said. “We hit a 12-yarder, then we’d go zero and then we’d go one, and then we’d hit 11, and then we’d go one, and so when our averages are okay, our most common runs have been zeros and ones, kind of the mode I guess, median and mode. We’ve got to get the most common runs to be up there in that four-, five-yard range and winning the downs, so it’s a little bit more consistency there. We’ve got to keep the hits down, we had eight hits, and that’s too many, we only gave up a sack, but that’s too many hits on the quarterback too.”

Langsdorf mentioned that consistency in runs will also benefit Nebraska in taking on the Buckeyes’ tough defense.

“They’re very good, they’re exceptionally fast up front, strong and fast,” Langsdorf said. “They’ve got athleticism all across the board, I think their safeties are very, very good. They’ve got good cover guys that play a lot of press. I thought they did a tough job against us last year. They really locked us up, and they were able to create some pressure without having to pressure too much, bring extra guys, so that’s always a concern in protection. They’re physical up front, we’re going to have to cover those guys up and do a better job of running the ball consistently. Like I was just saying, in this last game, we would hit an 11-yard, 12-yard run and then it would be zero and one. So we’ve got to make more gains, more strides on a consistent run production and then be able to hit some throws against them.”

Altogether, Langsdorf said he believes the run game will be the Huskers’ most important asset against Ohio State this weekend.

“I think that, and I’ve said it a lot, it’s when we’re at our best if we can produce running the ball,” Langsdorf said. “It helps our run-action game and takes the pressure off of having to make a lot of completions on second and 10 and third and 10, and that kind of production is when we’ve been able to sustain drives, is being able to grind out some yards.”

The Huskers will continue preparation for Ohio State on Tuesday. Kickoff on Saturday is set for 6:30 p.m. and will be televised nationally on Fox Sports 1 as well as carried on the Husker Sports Network. Check for more information.

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