Nebraska comfort dog in El Paso following mass shooting

A comfort dog from Nebraska made his way to Texas to help bring a small bit of solace to residents left shaken by a mass shooting. 

The dog, Eddie, and his handler arrived in El Paso on Monday. Eddie is based out of Grand Island. 

Eddie’s handler has posted updates from the trip on a Facebook page so that people can follow along. The most recent was a stop at the Walmart where a gunman killed 22 people and injured several others earlier this month. 


User: Eddie Comfort Dog To: link


Earlier updates include a picture of Eddie in line with five other comfort dogs. 


User: Eddie Comfort Dog To: link


“Got all my “mini-mes” ready to give away when we get to El Paso,” a post from August 11 read. “Sure hope they can bring some comfort to hurting kids! (First leg of journey done. Flying out of Denver today.)” 


User: Eddie Comfort Dog To: link


You can follow along on Eddie’s journey by clicking here: Eddie Comfort Dog Facebook page

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