Nebraska Quakes softball club finds a home in Lincoln

The oldest softball club in the state finally has a permanent location in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The oldest softball club in the state, called the Nebraska Quakes, is opening a brand new facility this weekend.

The Nebraska Quakes were founded in the mid-90s in Omaha, but finally, have a facility in Lincoln to call home.

“We have anywhere from 130 to 150 girls that are going to be using this place every year. And so this gives us 24/7 access ability for people to come in, hit, pitch, play, practice, and it’s year-round,” said Jeff Flamme, a facility developer and coach.

Teams range from age groups 8 and under to 18 and under with some competing at national levels.

“We’re lucky because we were able to split this in half, we have five cages that are fixed cages that are always available for hitting. And this back area over here has retractable cages. So those can be either used as just pure hitting and pitching spaces, or they could all slide back, or half of it can slide back. So we can use it as a defensive area. So we’re real lucky it’s a multi-use-type space,” said Flamme.

With players having 24/7 access to the facility, safety was an important factor of the design.

“I’m a parent coach, if you put your child in somebody else’s hands, the cameras just make sure that everything is going to be on the up-and-up, and it is,” said Flamme.

The whole building is monitored by security cameras. Players can even see the parking lot before they leave.

“Ultimately, we can track who comes and goes at any time in the facility, and we can back it up with video.”

The Quakes are hosting an open house Sunday at 5:30, featuring tours of the facility, an opening pitch, some words from one of the Quakes’ founders, and of course, pizza!

“You know, we love softball, we love competition and we love developing people. So what we do is we just try to give everybody a great opportunity to do all of those things,” said Flamme.

The open house is for everybody, but you do have to become a member of the club to use the facility.

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