New Leads In Tina McMenamin’s Murder Case

New leads are surfacing in a murder that took place almost ten years ago in Lincoln. 18 year old Tina McMenamin was murdered in her south Lincoln apartment. McMenamin was an UNL student and was stabbed to death in July of 1995.

A year later, Greg Gabel of Lincoln was arrested and charged with the crime. Two years later, Gabel was released from jail and the murder charges were dropped.. A DNA test on hair found in McMenamin's hand showed it did not belong to Gabel.

Lincoln police received information from a man that says he knew Tina McMenamin's killer. They say the person who killed McMenamin may have taken personal items from her apartment and hidden them along the bike path near 48th and Normal Boulevard. Police got this information a few months ago from a former inmate who came forward saying he met McMenamin's killer when he was in jail a few years back. He told police the man said he took the items to the bike path so he could go back and re fantasize about the murder. The inmate also told police the man was planning to commit similar crimes and he asked the inmate if he wanted to help.

Police aren't releasing the name of the suspect. But they have been in contact with him. They don't have enough concrete evidence to arrest him.