Non-Profits seek help in summer months

With the summer months in full swing, two organizations are looking for help from the community.

The People’s City Mission and Matt Talbot kitchen are always looking for help but with the summer heat rising, their need is a little greater.

“What folks don’t realize is, this is a dangerous time for people who are homeless we’ve already lost a couple people in the last month or two out on the streets. It can be very very difficult when the weather is bad,” Pastor Tom Barbor said. 

The People’s City Mission has seen an uptick in people looking for shelter and says there is one thing they are always looking for.

“What happens is a lot of people are staying at the mission so our numbers have remained high for quite a period of time now. So what’s happening is, we need lots of water, that’s one way folks can help us,” Barbor said.

Both organizations offer hot meals daily, showers, clothes and shelter.

While they are always looking for donations, the needs in the summer months get a little more specific.

“Bug spray is really important right now with all the rain we’ve had. Sunscreen, general hygiene products like especially deodorant right now and then also diapers and baby wipes are very important,” Glenn Schawang said. 

The organizations are in constant need of volunteers and Pastor Tom recommends if you’re looking to volunteer, you should find something you enjoy doing.

Regardless, the help is always welcome and plays a crucial role in both organizations.

“Volunteers really do run the place here. We do have staff but we definitely couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers so we’re always in the need for those,” Schawang said. 

If you’d like to volunteer at the People’s City Mission:


If you’d like to volunteer at the Matt Talbot Kitchen:

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