Pancakes with the public: Waverly first responders get together with community

WAVERLY, Neb. (KLKN) — Residents in the Waverly area got to interact with local first responders on Sunday morning.

Families and their children could walk around the premise and interact with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Waverly Fire and Rescue and Star Care.

Fire Chief Jared Rains said this was a chance for the community to get to know those who answer emergency calls.

“Usually when we see somebody, it’s when they are not having a great day,” he said.

But with the event, “We can meet who they are, and they can meet us,” Rains said. “We can just talk with each other.”

Visitors took the chance to climb into firetrucks to take a ride around the block and get a look at what a rescue situation is like.

The event went on until noon, with guests enjoying a pancake breakfast served by Fire and Rescue.

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