Pattern turns dry and warm to end July

The key takeaway from today’s weather forecast… Keep watering your lawn and garden if you want to keep them alive!

7day Qpf Gfs Vs Euro

Not much in the way of rain is expected as we go through the next 7-10 days.  In fact, two long-range computer models combined suggest only 0.03″ of rain falling in Lincoln through July 29.

There will be a chance for late night storms Saturday night in to Sunday morning, but that chance looks small at this distance.

The other big story in our weather is going to be building heat through the week.  Around here, temperatures will climb back to the 90°s Wednesday and continue on for the next eight to nine days.

Latest Ecmwf 500mb And Temp

Thanks to upper-level high pressure, also referred to as a “hot dome”, heat is going to build throughout the Plains next week.  Temperatures should make it to the upper 90°s starting on Friday, and they could even get to as high as 100° next week.

Along with the higher temperatures, humidity will start to increase as we get to Friday and in to next week. Dew point temperatures are projected to be in the middle 60°s to lower 70° Friday through Tuesday (next week). This will send the heat index to 100° and above.

Start hydrating now.  – Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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