People’s City Mission building quarantine facility for those awaiting test results

The People's City Mission has been working with the city to keep their population safe through the pandemic.

Together, they have installed a facility that can house PCM residents that could possibly be infected with COVID-19.

“We’re going to start a quarantine program here at the mission so if you’re homeless or on the streets or at the mission and you need to be tested for the COVID virus, while you’re waiting for the results, we’re going to keep you here in a separate place from the general population.” said Pastor Tom of the People’s City Mission.

Currently, they have set up a five bed station, but the facility can take a 12 bed capacity, accounting for space between each patient.

The facility is fully livable, and they just added a camper that has a shower space for these quarantined individuals.

Each person will be provided three meals a day and entertainment for something to do while inside.

They say the city has provided most of the labor, and their staff members are receiving n95 masks from the city as well.

“And I really want to give a big shout out to the health department and also the senator Wishart for also just providing tremendous amounts of help to make this happen because we couldn’t have done it without em,” said Pastor Tom.

Those housed at the facility won’t be allowed to leave the building until they receive their test results.

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