Police begin next steps into Sydney Loofe investigation

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

24–year–old Sydney Loofe has been missing for two weeks, and after a press conference Thursday morning there are still some unanswered questions.

Police tell us their next steps in finding Sydney Loofe are reaching out to the public for information on her location, and the second is interviewing their two persons of interest. 

The Lincoln Police Department and the FBI told us they are now talking to Aubrey trail and Bailey Boswell, the persons of interest in the disappearance of Sydney Loofe.

Boswell and Trail are in custody on unrelated charges and warrants. They are being held in an unknown location in the midwest, where they were arrested, officers wouldn’t confirm their location. 

“We want to talk to them because as they have stated in their Facebook posts to all of you and to the public that they were with Sydney in a very close proximity to the last time we know where she was,” Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said.

Aubrey Trail was arrested for possession of a weapon by a prohibited person in Saline County.

Bailey Boswell for a narcotics charge in Lancaster County,

It’s unclear whether or not they turned themselves in, as Trail said they were going to do in a video he posted on Facebook overnight.

"I guess we’re going to be turning ourselves in because we’ve basically been convicted already. Guess we could keep running but that might look bad for you,” Aubrey Trail said in a video posted on Facebook.

The two have taken to social media several times in the last few days– sharing what they say is their side of the story.

In one of the videos, Boswell did say she was with Sydney the night before she was reported missing.

"I went to take her home at the end of the date and she asked to be dropped off at a friend’s house,” Boswell said in a video posted on Facebook.

Boswell says in the video she hasn’t heard from Sydney since.

"Those statements have been known since the beginning of the investigation and we are continuing to try to vet that information,” Bliemeister said.

Officials also addressed Wednesday’s searches in Saline and Gage counties, including this one at a pond in Wilber.

"Over 50 law enforcement personnel and several volunteers were involved in those particular searches and they did not discover new evidence that are leading us directly to where Sydney may be,” Bliemeister said.

When asked if Syndey could still be found alive…Chief Bliemeister says yes, absolutely.

But officials are asking for your help.

"Even though we’ve interviewed, we have located and are interacting with the two individuals in the news related to this investigation we are still seeking any and all information from anybody regarding their knowledge of where Sydney could be," FBI Agent Randall Thysse said.

The FBI has set up a special tip line just for Sydney’s case.

That’s number is 402–493–8688, and select option one.

Police told us that Sydney’s phone was not found buried in Trail and Boswell’s yard in Wilber. 

Chief Bliemeister also told us that an officer did speak on the phone with Boswell and Trail prior to their names being released as persons of interest. This comes after Trail said in a video that they had tried to call police multiple times, and were told to stop calling.